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What is Girls Field Lacrosse?

Girls lacrosse is played with 12 players on each team including the goalkeeper. The object of the game is to use a long-handled stick (known as a crosse or lacrosse stick) to catch, cradle, and pass a solid rubber lacrosse ball in an effort to score by shooting the ball into an opponent’s goal. There are four main positions: attack, defense, midfield, and goalie. Defensive and offensive strategies are similar to basketball while strategy in the midfield is most like soccer.

Aren't Girls & Boys Lacrosse the Same?

In women’s lacrosse, any kind of body checks or stick checks that hit the player will result in a penalty. As a result of the limited legal contact, the only protective equipment required is a mouth guard and goggles. Additionally, girls lacrosse sticks have different requirements, the most noticeable being the depth of the pocket. The limited physical contact and shallow pocket encourages more finesse and a greater emphasis on stick skills, especially at the youth level.

Spring Season

Girls spring practices will start on Wednesday, 3/21 from 6pm-9:45pm (each age group is 1 -1.5 hours of practice staggered) daily practice schedule will be completed shortly. Practices will be Wednesdays (6-9:45pm) and Saturdays (2pm -5pm) and will be held indoors at NE Ice Arena until Parade becomes available in April.  

Once Parade is available, practices move to Parade and are Mondays and Wednesdays (6pm-10pm) games on Saturdays (9am - 12pm).  Girls practice at Parade until Bassett's is available - usually early May.  Bassetts practices are Monday (6pm - 9pm), Wednesdays (6pm -9pm) .  

The girls games start the week of 3/23 and there will be 4 home and 4 away games at 12U/14U and 6 games at 10U.  Games can be any day of the week due to

Summer Season

Pracitces will be held at Bassetts Monday (6pm - 9pm), Wednesdays (6pm -9pm).  The girls games start the week of 6/5 and there will be 4 home and 4 away games.  Games can be any day of the week due to field availability and the schedule will be available in May.  The season runs until the end-of-season tournament on August 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  

2019 Fees (Girls)

Level Spring Season Summer Season Combined
10U $275 $325 $575
12U $325 $325 $625
14U $325 $325 $625