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10-9-2018 Board Meeting Minutes

By Nikki Gilbertson, 11/16/18, 4:30PM CST


Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse

Board Agenda
10-9-2018 @ 7:00 p.m. Mosquito, Inc.

Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse Board

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Volunteers / Guests

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Called to Order




Next Meeting

November 13, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. Mosquito, inc

Members present: Nikki Gilbertson, Michael Pink, Eric Elgin, Amy Neal

Other Attendees:  Duane Sizemore

Meeting called to order 7:14 pm.

Secretary:  Notes from the September meeting will be reviewed at the November meeting, due to a lack of quorum. Gilbertson will research new meeting venue spaces prior to the November Meeting.

Code of Conduct:  Elgin provided drafts for Codes of Conduct for coaches, players, and parents.  Pink requested that Minneapolis coaches refrain from recruiting for other teams while they are coaches of a Minneapolis team.  Coaches should also arrive on time and with practice plans for each practice.  Elgin will also add verbiage that allows coaches to bench or dismiss kids if players do not follow expectations or are abusive to officials.  Discretion should be given to the coaches to make these decisions. Elgin will update the documents, share the new drafts with the board, and ask for feedback prior to the vote at November board meeting.

Governance: Sizemore has offered to help wherever he is most needed, which could include with field coordination and overseeing game scheduling, which should be handled by individual level coordinators. Sizemore will connect with John Neal.  Pink will follow up with Rob Bedeaux, who has met with Molly Myers, to see how she might fill a role on a board.  A treasurer still needs to be found (Guertin?).  Level Coordinators also need to be verified for the 2019 season.  Pink will also contact Staven Bruce to see where he would be a good fit.  Ashlee Miller reported that Shahnaz Costa will not be returning as the Girls 14U Coordinator for next season.  Miller will reach out to 14U families to find a parent to fill this role.

Fundraising: No report

Recruitment: Elgin attended the Washburn Games at Bryn Mawr a couple of weeks ago.  He was able to connect with parents, as well as work directly with coaching kids who came to participate in lacrosse that day.  In November, Elgin or Aron Lipkin will be talking to Minneapolis Public School gym teachers about lacrosse.  Elgin is going to work to see if grants can be found from US Lacrosse to help fund the programs.  The Recruiting Subcommittee is securing gym space at MCTC for Trylax events and Homegrown clinics to steer kids towards Homegrown or Minneapolis leagues. 

On Field: Ashlee Miller attended the MSLax annual meeting last weekend and there are no major updates for the coming year. There will be a few minor rule changes/clarifications but nothing too significant.  MSLax is trying to move forward with an 8U league. More information will be provided in the future, but the format will be a few weekend play dates (May-June) as opposed to a full season with single games.

Treasurer: Charlotte Lieb reported via email that no changes have been made to the budget since the last meeting. Pink noted that for the first time in several years, there will be a positive balance in the budget at the end of the year.

Volunteer:  Melanie Faulhaber relayed that an email has been sent to parents who have not completed their Dibs for 2018.  They have until October 15th to fix any discrepancies with Faulhaber, when she will send Lieb a list of families who should be billed (roughly 25).

Equipment:  Neal and Elgin will follow up with Dan Murphy and Charles Nixon-Johnson to see what should be done about coach/goalie equipment and equipment that may be sitting at Northeast.  Gilbertson will inquire on the status of the equipment project with Chris Miller and Charles Johnson-Nixon.

Pink moved to adjourn. Gilbertson seconded.  Meeting adjourned 8:22 pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 at 7:00 at Mosquito, Inc.