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7-10-18 Board Minutes

By Nikki Gilbertson, 09/12/18, 4:15PM CDT


Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse

Board Agenda
July 10, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. Mosquito, Inc.

Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse Board

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Next Meeting

September 11, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. Mosquito, inc.

Members present: Nikki Gilbertson, Michael Pink, Shanaz Costa, Rob Bedeaux, Eric Johnson, Charles Johnson-Nixon, Eric Elgin, Chris Miller, Amy Neal

Meeting called to order 7:07 pm.

Secretary:  Notes from the June meeting were reviewed. Pink moved to approve the minutes. Johnson seconded.  A vote was taken and the motion passed.  Gilbertson reminded the group that job descriptions are still needed for all roles that will be vacated at the end of the year.

Governance: Pink had a conversation with Steve Devereaux about the initial draft committee charter he created, and Pink has asked him to create drafts for all of the committees.  Devereaux will work on finishing the charters prior to the November board meeting so that they can be reviewed and voted on before the board members change at the end of the year.

Fundraising: Johnson moved to approve Devereaux as the Fundraising Director role for the 2019 calendar year. Miller seconded.   A vote was taken and the motion passed.  A replacement Boys 10U Coordinator will need to be found for next season to replace Deveraux.  Pink reported that there will not be a shooter shirt this season, as there was only one returning sponsor that offered to donate money this year based on contacts to previous sponsors.

Recruitment: Elgin noted that the MPRB has been running lacrosse clinics at some of the city parks.  Homegrown is helping to run the events.  Twenty to thirty kids have been participating at the clinics that have been advertised, but parks that have not been advertising the events have not had the same attendance.  Minneapolis Lacrosse flyers are being distributed to kids who participate in the clinics so that they can contact us if they are interested in playing.  The hope is that up to 250 kids will participate in the clinics by the end of the summer.  Elgin is working with a subcommittee to modify how to create and distribute recruiting fliers for future events and the upcoming season.  If an advertising blurb is created, it can be communicated to individual schools that can send it to their weekly parent email. The group discussed the possibility of sending out a Survey Monkey to families in order to get input on what is working with Minneapolis Lacrosse, and where there is room for improvement.  Ideas for questions could surround amount of practice days, quality of coaches, and program expectations.  The responses could help us change the program in the hopes that additional players will register.

On Field: Costa noted that all girls are practicing together for the summer season and end up playing at the 14U level for games.  It’s working well, all things considered.  Costa and Elgin will work together to create “bring a friend” events/practices for the girls to help recruit additional players.  Pink shared feedback with the group that many people are questioning why the boys play in GNLL vs. YLM.  There are also concerns that many players are choosing club teams over league play during the summer, which creates conflict of how to field a team for tournaments and some games. For the future, Miller suggested that the boys spring league should not have scheduled league games after May, but instead end the season with an outside tournament the first weekend in June.  The summer league should start after that tournament.  This should be included in an email to parents at the time of registration.  Johnson suggested that an ala carte program be added at the time of registration, as a way to accommodate practice vs. game players, as well as those who are new to the program who don’t want to play box games, but want to practice.   A subcommittee of the level coordinators and C. Miller will finalize what the plan is for the 2019 and report back to the board in August. Neal noted that a Coaching Coordinator is needed to address issues on the boys’ side, such as player behavior, playing time, from where coaches are hired, etc.  Pink noted that coaches should not be allowed to recruit players for club teams, which could be addressed via a coaching policy/contract.  Elgin volunteered to start creating a coaching plan. Johnson-Nixon also suggested that a coaching clinic be created so all of our coaches are on the same page.  Parents should also be given a refresher at the beginning of each season on expectations on what it means to play the game.  A code of conduct needs to be created for players, coaches, and parents to sign at the time of registration.  Code of conduct ideas should be forwarded to Gilbertson. Elgin volunteered to head up this project.

Treasurer: Pink noted that the association is currently in the black.  Charlotte Lieb and Pink had a conversation with TADS, and they concluded that Minneapolis Lacrosse will use their service for the 2019 season.   The cost is $199 per year for the organization, plus there is a $30 fee for each family who makes a request through TADS.  The group felt that the fee should be prorated if the person qualifies for aid.  Pink announced that the 501 (c) 3 application has been received.  There will now be a need to file a tax return, and Pink will research what years we may need to file retroactive tax returns.  Level Coordinators should ask families if anyone is a CPA and would be willing to help with the tax returns to get volunteer hours.

Volunteer:  The picnic is scheduled for August 9th.  Melanie Faulhaber relayed that there is still a need for volunteers.  The event should be added to the calendar and an email should be sent to the association to remind them of the event, as well as ask for volunteers to help with the picnic.  The summer spirit wear order should be arriving soon. 

Fields:  Miller has made the request for field time for 2019 at Northeast.