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6-12-18 Meeting Minutes

By Nikki Gilbertson, 07/12/18, 2:00PM CDT


Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse

Board Agenda
June 12, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. Mosquito, Inc.

Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse Board

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Volunteers / Guests

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Called to Order




Next Meeting

July 10, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. Mosquito, inc


Members present: Nikki Gilbertson, Michael Pink, Eric Elgin, Rob Bedeaux, Chris Miller, Ashlee Miller, Melanie Faulhaber

Meeting called to order 7:10 pm.

Secretary:  Notes from the May meeting were reviewed. Faulhaber moved to approve the minutes. Bedeaux seconded.  A vote was taken and the motion passed. 

Governance: Pink reviewed the board members whose two-year stints are over.  A succession plan needs to be created to fill roles. Gilbertson will remind board members to recruit, especially families at the lower levels.   Pink requested that all members of the board document what their job descriptions are and forward them to Gilbertson, who will compile them for the board going forward. These will be used to transition the roles as the year progresses.  Pink will send an email to the association to ask for volunteers to fill upcoming open board roles.  Pink noted that before the end of the year, the following items need to be completed:  Transition of budgeting to Quickbooks, implementing TAGS for scholarships, re-writing the bylaws, defining job descriptions/roles, and defining processes and timelines for tasks.    

Fundraising: Andrew Rosen is working on the shooter shirt project to see if any of the sponsors from last season are interested in renewing their involvement for the season.   

Recruitment:  Elgin is still trying to work with the PAL program with Charles Johnson-Nixon, and is connecting with Target to see if they can be involved.  Elgin is continuing to try to get Aron Lipkin more involved.  There will be 15 locations where the MPRB will be running clinics over the summer.   A Try-lax event will not be scheduled until after the summer so that the focus can be on helping the MPRB. Elgin will create a plan for how player volunteers will be involved in the clinics.  Bedeaux reported that 25 families requested one of the 50 yardsigns that were created.  A volunteer has been recruited to deliver the signs, and any remaining signs will be taken to practices for distribution. 

On Field: A. Miller noted that there will not be enough girls for a 12U team.  Therefore, any 12U players who want to play with the 14U team may do so.  Remaining players have the option of playing as practice players at a lower fee.  There will be some small scrimmages scheduled to allow some playing time. A. Miller will talk to Rebekah Forrest about DIBS options for the practice players. Elgin suggested that there may be an option to have girls bring friends to practice to try it out (it may be required to have them sign a waiver for insurance purposes).  C. Miller noted that the boys teams are competitive across all levels, and the 12U and 14U teams went undefeated at the Bait Bucket tournament.  Because the GNLL Spring Field tournament isn’t scheduled until the end of June, it may not may sense to play in that the tournament or the Bait Bucket in the future.  There are other tournaments that Minneapolis could participate in in their place.  C. Miller was able to return some field time at Washburn and Elliot Park, which will result in a refund of those field fees.  Fewer hours will be needed at Northeast for next spring. C. Miller noted that a Minneapolis resident is playing in Bloomington, but the family never requested a waiver.  The Bloomington program has been contacted about the issue. 

Treasurer: No report. 

Volunteer:  Anna Kruse will do the Team Manager Coordinator role, and has started the process of compiling a procedures document.  Mary Kelly will oversee coordinating fundraising nights at local restaurants over the summer.  Faulhaber has loaded summer Dibs hours. Faulhaber will also send an email to parents to remind them that they must note that their Dibs are completed if they did them.  Only 16 parents chose to buy-out their volunteer hours. A reminder will be sent that the Annual Picnic is scheduled for August 9th. To our knowledge, there were no families that received volunteer hours for recruiting new players for the summer season.

Fields:  No report

Gilbertson moved to adjourn. Pink seconded.  Meeting adjourned 8:31 pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 7:00 at Mosquito, Inc.