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4-17-18 Meeting Minutes

By Nikki Gilbertson, 05/15/18, 6:45PM CDT


Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse

Board Agenda
4-17-18@ 7:00 p.m. Mosquito, Inc.

Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse Board

Board Member Position Attendance Board Member Position Attendance

Volunteers / Guests

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Called to Order




Next Meeting

May 8, 2018@ 7:00 p.m. Mosquito

Members present: Nikki Gilbertson, Michael Pink, Shahnaz Costa, Rob Bedeaux, Eric Elgin, John Neal (Amy Neal’s proxy), Ashlee Miller, Melanie Faulhaber, Charlotte Lieb, Rebekah Forrest, Chris Miller

Guests: Charles Johnson-Nixon

Meeting called to order 7:05 pm.

Member Forum: Pink welcomed Johnson-Nixon, who has offered to fill the role of Vice President of Administration. 

Secretary:  Notes from the March meeting were reviewed. Pink moved to approve the minutes.  Elgin seconded.  A vote was taken and the motion passed.

Governance: Faulhaber made a motion to approve Johnson-Nixon for the role of VP of Administration.  Bedeaux seconded.  A vote was taken and the motion passed.

Fundraising: No report

Recruitment: The Recruiting Committee met and Elgin reviewed several ideas that can be promoted to get more kids playing Minneapolis Lacrosse.  These include utilizing connections with current lacrosse players that participate in other sports, having more Try-lax events (including a girls-only session), and hosting mini-camps at local parks (Rec Plus?) and rinks. Johnson-Nixon suggested also setting up a meeting with the Police Athletic League (PALs).  A community education clinic could be set up.  Gilbertson suggested that leagues and clinics should be communicated via the weekly emails sent from individual Minneapolis Public Schools.  Elgin noted that yard-signs should be reintroduced and social media should be more prevalent.  Lieb suggested that high school and college players help out at practices or clinics (which could fulfill community service hours).  Elgin will also look into getting some grant money from US Lacrosse.  Elgin will work to create a sub-committee to do the legwork to get the top potential initiatives off the ground.  In addition to direct asks, level coordinators should include a request for help via email, and then an email should be sent to the association.

On Field:  Uniforms have been delivered and are in the process of being handed out to teams.  A. Miller has been working on reschedules due to weather related field issues.  Refunds have been issued to girls who requested uniforms, but ended up playing for the co-ops at the 12U and 10U levels.  There is a major shortage of officials for girls games, which will result in not enough refs for each game.  For girls’ summer registration, A. Miller is working on getting families to recruit additional players, and will send out an email to remind families to register as soon as possible.  C. Miller reported that the 12U level has such a large group that they closed registration for the spring field season.  The boys at the 14U and 10U have enough players to have solid teams. There are over ten kids signed up at 8U to date.

Marketing:  No report.

Treasurer: As of today, we will come out $3,000 behind budget for the year, which includes what the association still owes to Homegrown.  Sponsors and shooter shirts can create some additional income.  Bedeaux will forward a list of sponsors from last year, and Faulhaber will forward two names of parents who could run the shooter shirt program whom she will connect with Drew Hack so they can take over the project.  Lieb would like to do a benchmark on what we compensate our lacrosse coaches, as it is a the largest budget item.  Lieb and Pink will work on getting financials on to Quickbooks.  There are $1,275 in unpaid Dibs fees from last season.  Pink will ask Steve Devereux to contact the remaining parents, based on his volunteering to check on these remaining families at the last meeting.  C. Miller will contact the Breck/Blake girls coop coordinator to see how coaching payments will be handled.

Executive: No report.

Volunteer:  Faulhaber noted that there is still a need for Fundraising and Field Scheduler Coordinators roles on the board.  We also need a 10U manager spring boys, an equipment manager, and girls managers.  These roles should be filled via direct asks by the level coordinators. Faulhaber will work with Elgin and Bedeaux to set up a game plan for the photos, and provide the plan to the two people who have offered to help with team pictures..  The picnic will be held on August 9th.  Faulhaber needs boys’ game times so that Dibs opportunities can be loaded.  Faulhaber will look into creating a Dibs option to see if someone would be willing to coordinate lacrosse fundraising events at local restaurants (i.e., Chipotle or Low Brow nights).

Fields:  No report

Pink moved to adjourn. Gilbertson seconded.  Meeting adjourned 8:59 pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 7:00 at Mosquito, Inc. (3505 Hennepin Ave S)