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3-7-2018 Board Meeting Minutes

By Nikki Gilbertson, 04/18/18, 8:00PM CDT


Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse

Board Agenda
March 7, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. @ Mosquito

Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse Board

Board Member Position Attendance Board Member Position Attendance

Volunteers / Guests

Name Position Attendance Name Position Attendance

Called to Order




Next Meeting

April 17, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. Mosquito, inc

Members present: Nikki Gilbertson, Michael Pink, Shahnaz Costa, Rob Bedeaux, Steve Devereux, Charlotte Lieb, Eric Johnson, Melanie Faulhaber, Amy Neal, Chris Miller, Ashlee Miller, Rebekah Forrest

Guests: Eric Elgin

Meeting called to order 7:07 pm.

Member Forum:  Miller introduced Elgin, who has approached the association about joining the board to assist with recruiting. 

Secretary:  Notes from the February meeting were reviewed. Pink moved to approve the minutes.  Johnson seconded.  A vote was taken and the motion passed.

Fundraising: No report

Recruitment: Devereux oversaw the Try Lax event in February, which he said was enthusiastically received.  Thirty-seven people signed in, however, many additional kids participated. Seventeen of the attendees were potential U8 players.  There were approximately 8-10 girls in attendance.  Fifteen coaches from Homegrown, True and MPLS High School lax team participated.   In the future, former high school girls players should be asked to assist with the event as coaches/helpers.

Governance:  Pink motioned to have Elgin become the Recruitment Coordinator.  A vote was taken and the motion passed.  Neal proposed that the board look into adding a paid Boys Coordinator for next season, as the parents at the level coordinators are not necessarily qualified to hire coaches or represent the coaches at GNLL coach meetings.  Mark McCleary has resigned as the VP of Administration.  The roles of President, VP of Admin, and VP of Lacrosse need to be reviewed to see how the duties for each can be distributed. 

On Field:  Neal stated that there are enough boys registered at the 8U level to have a team.  She is working with C. Miller to consolidate schedules and will work on creating scrimmaging opportunities.  A. Miller and C. Miller have created coops with Breck/Blake program for the 12U and 10U girls teams.  Johnson reported that the boys’ uniforms have been ordered though a new vendor.  Johnson noted that because the girls’ uniforms from last season are the same, they will give parents the option to get a get a new size, request a refund, or allow the money to roll into a refund.  Teams will be rostered and schedules uploaded for Girls Spring and Boys Box prior to the parent meeting.

Marketing:  Faulhaber suggested that the Spiritwear options be available earlier in the season.

Treasurer: Lieb sent out emails to six to eight families who have registered in 2018, but haven’t paid their 2017 Dibs fee.  Lieb will send the names to the Level Coordinators so those families can be contacted individually for payment.  Pink noted that the scholarship process is currently in-house, which is uncomfortable for board members.  Lieb researched using TADS, which would be a $199 fee per year, plus $30 fee for those that are requesting the scholarship, and would allow TADS to grant scholarships based on criteria that the association would outline.  The association could pay a portion of that $30 fee, since it’s a large portion of the registration fee.  As of today, eight scholarship requests for nine players have been received for 2018.

Executive: For the Parent Meeting on March 10th, kids will be in the gym with the coaches.  Pink will plan to welcome parents to the event, as well as request that parents join the board.  Faulhaber will give an overview of the volunteer policy changes.  Bedeaux will provide a packet that shows screenshots of how to claim and complete Dibs credits.  Johnson than suggested that we then split out the group so that that level coordinators can give information about what to expect for the season.  The Level Coordinators will communicate with the parents right after the meeting.  A request for sponsors will be posed.  Pink will ensure that the open board positions that will be introduced this weekend are congruent with the 501(c)3 document.  Gilbertson will update the website with the descriptions of the board and volunteer roles prior to Saturday’s meeting.  Coaching staff will be available for both the boys and girls.  C. Miller will introduce the level coordinators and coaches.    Bedeaux will send out a schedule for the parent meeting to those who are registered.

Volunteer:  The group reviewed the volunteer document that Faulhaber will present at the parent meeting.  Families of girls who are playing for the Blake/Breck coop will still be expected to still do their volunteer requirement, as there will be game host and other opportunities.

Fields:  No report

Johnson moved to adjourn. Gilbertson seconded.  Meeting adjourned 9:06 pm.