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12U & 14U Boys Team Commitment Agreement

By Mark McCleary, 04/04/17, 11:00AM CDT


New this year, Minneapolis Lacrosse has implemented a 14U & 12U Player Commitment Policy for all team members. This policy is in line with many other area lacrosse associations. 

Practices are an important time for any team in any sport. Practices provide an opportunity to build teamwork, improve field/game time communication, enhance team and individual skills, and build "play" development. Players rely on teammates to make a commitment and participate fully during the season for the betterment of the team. Game playing time at all levels may be affected by absences from practice.  Minneapolis Lacrosse encourages all players, at all levels, to commit fully during practices and games, to try their hardest, and contribute their best effort to the team & the sport.

As players progress up in the age levels in lacrosse, the level of skill and intensity increase accordingly. In order to remain competitive in the Minnesota lacrosse community, as well as to continue to provide the right levels of challenge and coaching for all of our players, we establish both an “A” and “B” team level at ages 12U & 14U.  

The Board of Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse, has elected to require all 12U & 14U “A” team members to agree to an in-season practice/game attendance commitment.  Several other lacrosse clubs in Minnesota and around the US have similar requirements of their A team as these players will be competing at the highest skill level for their age group in our state for Youth Lacrosse community associations.

This Commitment Agreement means that if your player is selected for the 12U -or- 14U “A” Team, you will be required to commit to attending all practices and games, unless illness, family emergency or mandatory school/church activity.  Participation in other sports or activities is not an excused absence.

If you are unable to meet this requirement, we ask that you let the Association/Coaches know so we can assign your player to the B team. If, during the season, the commitment is not being met according to the level detailed in the agreement, your player may be moved to the B team and a B team player will be selected to replace your Player on the A team. Please note that if your player is elected to play on the B team, he will still greatly progress in his skills, practicing with other players of his talent, and be involved in challenging games.  Most associations in the league are not fielding an A team, so the competition at the B level will still be very competitive.

The Commitment Agreement is posted below.

Please print this Agreement and read thoroughly, both players & parents sign and return to the coaches at the beginning of the first evaluation (tryout) session for Spring Field lacrosse on Monday April 10.  

Players for which we do not have a signed agreement will automatically be placed on the 12U -or- 14U B team.

Thank you for your understanding and commitment to Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse!

Questions?  Please email Mark McCleary, 14U Level Coordinator, Todd Carter, 12U Level Coordinator, or Chris Miller, VP of Lacrosse, Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse.