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2019 Youth Volunteer Policy

By Minneapolis Lacrosse, 12/21/16, 12:15PM CST


The old adage, “it takes a village” couldn’t be more appropriate in youth sports.  Coaches, managers, board members, and others help to build a strong and vibrant program.   Minneapolis Lacrosse has continued to grow each year and we’ve reached a point when it has become apparent that we need more hands on deck. To make sure that we can create a fun-filled experience for each youth and to make sure the organization runs smoothly, we are updating our volunteer policy for the 2019 Spring Season. During the registration process, you will be asked to agree to participation in our volunteer program or opt for a ‘buy out.’ Please read the Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse Volunteer Policy below for details about the policy.

Wonder what other associations are doing?


During registration, you will decide whether you will be volunteering for the 2019 season or buying out the volunteer requirement. At the end of the summer season (September), Minneapolis Lacrosse will  bill any family who has not completed the minimum association volunteering obligation per family, as tracked using SportsEngine Dibs. The amount charged will be an additional $100 per family per spring season and an additional $100 per family per summer season from each family who has 10U–14U player, with a maximum of $200/family.  

Families may opt out of Association Volunteering during the registration process. By opting out of the volunteer program, or by not completing the ENTIRE obligation, your credit card will be charged $100 in total per family for 2019 (with a maximum of $200/family for calendar 2019).  

EXAMPLE: If your player participates in spring and summer sessions during the calendar season, you will pay $200 for the season/year. Partial credit is not given if the entire obligation is not fulfilled. In addition, families cannot “transfer” hours worked to another family. 

NOTE: Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse does not intend for this policy to be a fundraiser...we need and prefer your time helping us with our program! 

If your player plays only in the spring, your volunteer requirement is 6 credits.  If your one player participates in the spring, summer, and fall, your obligation is 12 credits.  In other words, it pays to play!  If you have two or three players in the program, your obligation is 12 credits, regardless of the number of seasons they play within the calendar year.


  1. The volunteering season will start on December 1 for the upcoming season and will end on August 31st.
  2. Families of K-2 players are not obligated to volunteer, but their time is greatly appreciated.  
  3. Families of one 10U–14U player will to contribute 6 credits during the spring season and 6 credits for the summer season.    Families with two or more players will contribute 12 credits during per season.
  4. Credits must be claimed using the Dibs Volunteer tool in SportsEngine
  5. If the volunteer job is not on Dibs, it is the responsibility of the player’s parent/guardian to approach the Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse board to have the credits approved.  It should not be assumed that a job not on Dibs qualifies for credits.

Association Volunteering Obligation per FAMILY

  • Families whose oldest player is a K- 2 participant: No Obligation. You do not need to complete a Volunteer Agreement; however volunteering is very much appreciated. 
  • Families whose oldest player is a 10U or higher must fulfill one of the jobs outlined below OR must receive pre-approval from the MAYLA board to receive credit for a job not outlined below.
  • Families whose player participates in the fall program only will not be obligated to provide credits.


Volunteering benefits every player in the association. Most association volunteering opportunities are posted on the Minneapolis Lacrosse website (  and are tracked using the tools found there.   A sample of jobs are listed below. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST. Once we have game schedules in place, we'll send otu a spearate volunteer email with more details

  1. Board Members (12 credits)
  2. Level Coordinators (12 credits)
  3. Team Managers (12 credits)
  4. Assistants to board members, such as:
    1. Annual Picnic coordinators (6 credits)
    2. Fundraising chairs (6 credits)
    3. Baseline concussion coordinator (12 credits)
  5. Graphic Designer (6)
  6. Grant Writer (3)
  7. Social Media Manager (6)
  8. Marketing Support (6)
  9. Game day volunteers
    1. Sideline/Chill managers (1 credit/game)
    2. Game Hosts (1 credit/game)
    3. Game clock (1 credit/game)
    4. Assistance with Homegrown tournaments hosted on Minneapolis fields (1 credit/game)
    5. Game photographer (1 credit/game)

Don’t forget, volunteering opportunities that are not posted in Dibs must be approved by the Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse Board of Directors.

How to claim volunteer hours

Minneapolis Lacrosse uses SportsEngine Dibs. This is an online tool that helps keep members organized by providing a platform to assign and claim responsibility. You may complete your family's volunteering obligation by claiming any opportunity posted on the Dibs page of our web site. It is each family’s responsibility to ensure their completed Association Volunteering opportunities are visible in their Dibs account. 

In addition, key leaders will be given association volunteering credit to distribute in any increment, per pre-approval of the Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse Board, to the volunteer(s) that assist in their duties. These key leaders will submit the names of the credit recipients to the Volunteer Coordinator in mid- July.

Finding and Tracking Association Volunteer Opportunities 

Families will automatically be signed up for a Dibs account during player registration. Families will be notified via email when the Dibs opportunities are posted on the website and can claim them at that point. 

  1. Credit will be given to the family once each job is claimed and completed. 
  2. Families can track their credited hours through the Dibs page of the Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse web site 

NOTE: You must "log in" to the web site in order to claim a Dibs job or to track your family’s volunteer hours). 

  1. Most of the Association Volunteer jobs will be posted on the Minneapolis Lacrosse website at
  2. Occasionally, other projects arise that require dedicated volunteers. If you volunteer for a project that is not posted on Dibs, you will need to send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator (found on the Board page of the web site) explaining your job, hours worked and the project leader that assigned the hours. All projects must be pre-approved by the Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse Board. 
  3. Parents will be able to track their hours completed in the SportsEngine Dibs tool.
  4. It is each family's obligation to make sure credit for hours worked are tracked in Dibs. 
  5. At the end of the season, only those hours tracked in Dibs will be credited to each family. 

Please contact the Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse Volunteer Coordinator if you have additional questions on the policy or agreement.