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Board Meeting Minutes December 2019

By Deborah Van Eendenburg, 03/06/20, 1:15PM CST


Minutes from Minneapolis Area Youth Lacrosse Association's December 2019 board meeting.

Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse

Board Agenda
December 12 @ 7 p.m. Eric Elgin's home.


Members present: Eric Elgin, Rob Bedeaux, Nick Lucca, Deborah Van Eendenburg, Molly Myers, Eric Johnson.

Meeting called to order 7:10 pm.

Registration: Bedeaux will change the payment plan set up so payment plan are available for single season registration, as well as bundled seasons. The December newsletter will go out next week and the boys and girls registration will be live. Registration cost includes cost of uniforms and a jersey number request will be on the registration (though requests are not guaranteed to be honored). Adding a question about parent interest in being a team manager and adding an optional field ‘what do you do’ to help us target volunteers. Update Trylax dates on the website.

Parents kickoff meeting: Elgin and Johnson will coordinate a first event in April that includes an equipment swap and fundraising – making the kickoff big and fun to increase turnout. Ideas included holding the event at La Dona brewery.

Treasurer Updates: Financial aid requests will be emailed to to hide personal information. During the season there were often changes to the budget, such as adding a coach or buying new equipment but there was not a formal process to review the purchase request. We will add standing time during the Treasurer’s update to discuss budget items (reimbursements, changes to the budget, etc.). Elgin will formalize more.

Parks Update: Lipkin and Elgin are talking with the Minneapolis Parks and Rec board to use some parks for small Trylax events with a kickoff at each park followed by 3-4 week events co-sponsored by HG, MAYLA, MPRB, and high school coaches. The long term idea is to expand into parks in areas we want to grow. Field requests have been submitted.

Marketing and Recruiting: Ideally jerseys are ordered by Jan 31st so there is merchandise for the Feb 15 Trylax event. We can have samples at events and order sheets. Aron’s brother Dan owns a screen printing shop and Squad Locker does direct ship to each player so handout is off our hands, can stay open 365 days, and add an optional donation amount for each purchase. Bedeaux will give Myers his SquadLocker contact. We spent about $150/ad on 2 ads last year; this year Andrea Sigel will put ads together and work to tighten audience settings.

December newsletter going out soon and will include ‘thank you’ to sponsors. Lucca will reach out to his hockey network in late Jan/early Feb to cross coordinate good dates to reach out to hockey parents so our emails go out at complimentary times with other sports emails they are receiving.

TryLax Updates: MSlax is putting all Trylax events in their newsletter. Flyers will be distributed by various board members this and next week. Titans hockey willing to share our events. Elgin and Lucca will communicate. Make blurb for copy/paste to put on NextDoor. The March Trylax is geared towards Storm hockey players. Homegrown won’t be able to bring as many coaches to the March date but Eric is talking to HG for Jan/Feb dates. MSlax will contribute to Feb 15th event. Phelps 41st & Park may be interested in hosting a Trylax. Elgin and Johnson will work together to figure out a time.

Meeting adjourned  8:15 pm.

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