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Board Meeting Minutes November 2019

By Deborah Van Eendenburg, 03/06/20, 11:30AM CST


Minutes from Minneapolis Area Youth Lacrosse Association's November 2019 board meeting.

Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse

Board Agenda
November 14, 2019 @ 7 p.m. Sports Engine.

Members present: Eric Elgin, Rob Bedeaux, Nick Lucca, Staven Bruce, Deborah Van Eendenburg, Karen Bruce, Rebecca Stay, Ashlee Miller, Allen Slaughter, Jeff Siegel

Meeting called to order 7:10 pm.

Secretary:  Notes from the October meeting were reviewed. Lucca moved to approve. Elgin seconded. A vote was taken and the motion passed.

2020 Registration Fees and Pricing: Jerseys are included in the fees. Discussed an early bird discount of 10% discount to incentivize early registration. The spring season brought in the most revenue and all seasons are competitively prices with nearby suburbs. Bruce moved to accept proposed registration fees. Lucca seconded. A vote was taken and the motion passed. Lucca moved to establish an early bird rate of 10% with a deadline of January 15, 2020. Seconded by SE. Both approved unanimously.

TryLax Events and Clinics: Domed turf events have traditionally had strong turnout, average 35-40 people. The proposed February 2 clinic conflicts with the SuperBowl so Elgin is looking into changing it to March 8th 9-10am. Van Eendenburg will connect Elgin with True Lacrosse to see if turf is available and Miller will look into space at the U of M. March 27-April 4 is MPS’s spring break. Bedeaux will update the website with confirmed Trylax and Development clinics.

Promotion and Merchandise: MSLax wants to partner with a Trylax event and will help cover expenses and promotion (key). Previous promotion of events has included social media, list serve email, 6,000 flyers in backpacks of public schools students. Backpack flyers were effective and we will do it again this year, adding unique origin links for flyers, email, and Facebook to better understand our reach. There will be a merchandise order: few jerseys and shirts from past years as free promo. Meyers is getting a quote on 50-60 shirts to place an early merchandise order for events.

Branding: The top two mascots as voted online were the Ducks and Lumberlax. MAYLA branding is currently not inclusive of schools but through coloring and brand it heavily favors Washburn. A postponement of the mascot and branding discussion moved by Lucca, seconded by Van Eendenburg. Unanimously approved.

Volunteering: After a discussion about the efficacy of dibs, Elgin motioned to maintain dibs its current price and amount (6 dibs, $100) and revisit the existence of dibs in 2021 at a later meeting. Motion was seconded by Bruce. Karen Bruce volunteered to manage team managers, who will own dibs for their team. Staven Bruce motioned Karen Bruce’s role and Lucca seconded. Members voted and approved.

Board Roles: Bruce motioned to elect Meyers as Communications Director to lead marketing and communications for events. Lucca seconded. All present voted and approved.

Scholarships: Lucca moved to eliminate using TADS to evaluate scholarship need and move the process in-house. Bruce seconded. Members voted and approved. The replacement process will be discussed at December’s meeting.

Future Meeting Topics: Brand discussion. Internal scholarship procedure.

Meeting adjourned at 8:59 pm.

Next meeting: Thursday, December 12, 2019 at SportsEngine.

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